YUNiTI has joined forces with StrikeForce Technologies Inc. to offer a user identity validation service. Our goal in offering this service isn't to make a profit, discriminate or block anyone from using YUNiTi. We simply want to offer another way to make a safe and fun network for everyone.

What is ValidateID™?
ValidateID™ is a system that tries to verify that you are who you say you are. It uses various sources of information available from public records and credit reports to try to verify your identity. For more information, click here.
Who can be validated on YUNiTI?
Currently you must be 18 or older and living in the United States to validate your identity using ValidateID™.
How much does it cost?
We are unable to offer ValidateID™ as a free service because we are charged for every validation. However, we are able to offer a low cost of only $1.50, mainly to cover charges we incur.
Click here to purchase ValidateID™ and validate your account
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