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Paralyzed at the age of 16, Professor TNT experienced a turning point in his life. Prior to his accident, he took life for granted. However, he soon realized that he needed to get his life together, because no one knows what their future holds. With so much time on his hands in the hospital, Professor TNT needed a way to express his feelings, so he began to put his emotions down on paper in the form of short rhymes. As he became more involved in his writing, his rhymes got longer and started to improve. In his intense desperation to find out why God would allow this to happen to him, Professor TNT wrote his first song about his accident, ?Lookin? in the Sky.? He then wrote ?I?m Gonna Walk Again,? which expressed what he would have to do to get back on his feet again both literally and mentally. Professor TNT began instilling the same hope he had by encouraging others as a guest speaker in hospitals and schools. As a result, he wanted to push for a goal and write more about different things. At the same time, Professor TNT met a girl who showed him how to look at life from a different point of view. She also showed him how to love and how to express his true feelings. As a result, Professor TNT began writing about his life experiences more. Soon he would realize that he was and is meant to be a writer. As Professor TNT continued to pursue his goals, he bought recording equipment and set up his own low-budget studio. He started to make his own beats, which surprised and impressed the family, friends and strangers who heard them. Through connections, his song got played at a club which soon opened the door for Professor TNT to perform for the first time at the same club. The crowd was shocked that a person in such a situation could be so outgoing. However, Professor TNT?s charisma and style captivated the audience. As a result, people accepted and respected his music for what it was, and not because they felt sorry for him. To reassure himself that people were not just being sympathetic about his circumstance, Professor TNT drove around playing his music and asking people to respond without revealing to them that it was him. In addition, his music was played on radio stations, both in Miami and Trinidad, and the response was very positive. Professor TNT soon got many offers from producers, but he was not too sure about how the music industry worked. Luckily, he became friends with a person who taught him a lot of things in a short period of time that would normally take years to learn. Immediately after, he improved his studio by upgrading his recording equipment. At the same time he continued to write, produce beats and perform. Professor TNT?s cultural background as a Trinidadian has caused his style to be very versatile and cannot be boxed into just one category. The combination of both cultures can be heard in his music and lyrics. From singing Hip Hop, Soca and Reggae to writing R&B, Professor TNT?s life is expressed in many different forms. To the music industry, he has added something fresh and exciting by inspiring people and bringing them to a new realization about life. He has started a label known as Phantom Red Entertainment whose goal is to help those who are aspiring to be in the music industry. His goal is to help people and let them see that anyone can make their dreams come through, no matter what the situation is. Professor TNT has learned this himself because of his accident, and looks at life differently today. ?Whatever happens, happens for a reason.?
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