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johnny bravo!
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Do what it do!now this is part of a convo between me and a buddy... but it fits nicely in the about me category... me i'm Jamaican.. I have about 13 aunts that are all very close.. So i was basically raised around alot of strong respectable females... Because of this i got a lot of respect for women. I know the value of a good woman.. However what i have come to realize is most women arent deserving of such respect.. i mean i respect everybody on a certain level.. but that respect that i would have for say, one of my aunts that i would like to bestow on females that i come across, I would be a foolish to do so. Because they lack respect for themselves.. I mean i wont come out and be disrespectful towards anyone.. But i cant treat them like the Queens that they are because they about the bull.. A lot of the females that i come across are attracted to foolishness... See, real talk like this with alot of females will get me nowhere.. but if i was to come at a female with that slick, sweet talking, telling them things that i know they want to hear jive, they all over that... I mean don't get me wrong, I ain't hating on game! Matter fact i can be quite proficient at that that sweet talk slick talk jive talk bull if I'm trying to run game... But it is what it is, Game! I mean if i just want to get some A@@, I run game.. But anybody that wants more than that, Something of actual substance, aint gonna come at you like that.. they gone be real. Now a@@ is cool don't get me wrong, a@@ is a beautiful thang! But the best case scenario for a@@ is, you do your thing, feels good, wake up next day maybe do it again! But something really real, changes you as a person.. for the better. When your living for more than just you, your inclined to be simply...better.. It ads to your stature. Its not just you and your strength's but 2 combined which creates synergy that takes you to another level.. Now the ability to create that chemical reaction is a whole nother story for another time perhaps.. But bottom line is i want a@@ I'm a run game.. I want something else I'm gone be the person that i was before i met you, cuz when all that slick talk is done, and its 2 months down the line, just me and you, thats the person thats really gonna matter... So i'm a be that off the rip to see if we really compatible, let you know whats really on my mind not what i think you want to hear.. Aint nothin wrong with just having a good time, but recognize the situation for what it is.. If your a female that thinks you want more than a good time thats looking for a boss, playa, thug, shotta, shot caller.. REAlity check! thats game! Call it what its is, When you say you want a thug, say i want a nicca thats gone whip my a@@! When you say you want a boss! say i a drug dealer thats prob gonna end up in jail! When you say you want a playa, say you want a nicca thats gone bang your best friend! When you say you want a shotta! say you want a nicca thats gone get shot..Be real! Now i see all the females out here with potential to be queens calling them selves hoes, bitches, big booty judy or whateva ... talking bout they want to be wifed... once again i aint gonna disrespect you that aint ma style.. I aint gonna judge you either! Do what it do baby.. But i too must call it like i see it.. YOu shaking it like a salt shaker for ma nicca t shirt from up tha block! Less just say you prob not ma wifey! If jdub and scoop ran a train on it... you prob not ma wifey! You prob cool peeps we can be real good friends.. but you prob not gone be ma main squeeze.. catch ma drift...i can go on and on but ill leave it at that! get at me! .. width="425" height="350">..>
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