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It All Started When I Was 14 Years Old Djing At House Parties, Playing RAP and R&B Music,When I Was 18 Years Old The Year 1988 I Was Djing In After Hours Night Club When A DJ From 89.3 WRTC FM ( VAN JOHNSON ) The Director Of 89.3 WRTC FM Asked Me To Come To His Radio Show. I Was Scared Of The Mic Knowing That There Were Listeners Checking Me Out, After That Radio Show He Asked Me If Like The Radio Station ??? My Reaction Was Hell Yeah Then He Hooked Me Up With Another Dj Name Devon, Devon Taught Me About Radio, Mostly I Played R&B, When I heard About A DJ Name Peter C He Was Playing Freestyle Music, I fell In Love With The Beats And The Style, So I Went & I Bought My First Freestyle Record At Mr. Musica Record Shop. The Record I Bought Was George Lamond - Bad Of The Heart, Then I Pick Up Suave- Crying Over You, Then The List Goes ON And ON !!!! I Started Playing On My Radio Show When The Director Told Me That I could not Play Freestyle Because The Other Dj (Peter C) Was Playing So I Decided To Hang Out With DJ Peter C And Started To Do Fillins For Him while I was Still Playing Rap, And R&B, But The New Director Would Not Let Me Get My Own Freestyle Show So I Decided To Find a New Home That's When I Join 91.7 WHUS FM. in 1992, Also I Joined 107.7 WFCS FM Where I Was On The Air On Both Stations Until 1996 After My Father Passed Away I Took A Break For Year, 1997 I released my first compilation called The Freestyle City Kids, this group of Artists consisted of former gang members who were looking to make a positive change in their lives. I created a group called New England Association for the Freestyle Awards. I also released Freestyle FunHouse with Eddie "ED" Ramos. Then I Joined 88.5 WVOF FM That's Where I Started The Freestyle Family Show In 1998, I Found A New Home 1999 With 88.1 WESU FM, in the Winter of 2000 I released my first own Independent Record Label Freestyle City Records, in which I released Fantasy Freestyle. This compilation consisted of a group of Artist from around the United States. Also In Summer Of 2001 I Worked At Mega 1230 am, My Goal Is to Take Freestyle To Another Level, via Commercial Radio Stations and Promotions. I would also be willing to assist local Artists in releasing their albums. I want to continue to support Freestyle until my dying day. I Also A Manger For Artists Like Manny And Raquela Don't Forget To Check Out There web Site

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