About Us

What does YUNiTi mean?

YUNiTi is a play on the word "unity", which is the primary principle our site is founded on - to bring everything together. People, languages, features you love. Our goal is to create a central place where you can connect with anyone in the world in every way possible.

What does Beta mean?

"Beta" is a term used in software development signifying that a product is complete, but that still has bugs (problems happening) and is missing some minor features.

Our brief history

YUNiTi was started by Mateus Boyington and Marcos Boyington in the summer of 2005. Our mission was to make a community where you have full control over every aspect of the site and your profile, including how private (or public) you want your profile to be.

We also wanted to make our networking site global – not just for the US. We live in a global age, where many of us have friends from various parts of the world. We wanted to be able to share the same things with them as we do with our friends in our own country.

Lastly, we wanted a site that's easy to use. How many times have you been on another networking site and wondered “How do I upload my photos?”, or “How do I edit my friends?” And even more painful, how many times have you had to “follow the breadcrumbs” by clicking 4 links on 4 different pages, just so you can delete a friend? On YUNiTi, every page is accessible from the main menu at the top. Simply look through the menus, find what you’d like to do, and click. You’ll be instantly taken to the page you were looking for, without having to click 20 links. This ideal is used throughout the site - we try to make things as quick and easy as possible.

There seem to be two category of networking sites – the “I want to share everything” sites, such as hi5.com and MySpace.com, and the “I want everything private” sites, like facebook.com and orkut.com. Our idea was - shouldn't you have the choice? If you want your profile to be private, we offer that option. If you want parts of your profile to be private, we offer that also. We give you full control over your profile and how private it is, so that you can do things like share your full name or your phone number with all your close friends, yet block strangers from seeing it.

Those are the ideals that we've built YUNiTi on - making the site easy to use, easy to understand, easy to navigate, easy to personalize, easy to sign up by allowing you you to import your profile from other sites (with new sites to be added in the future), easy to share, and the choice of how much you want to share.

YUNiTi was launched to a small group of testers on June 2006, after having been worked on for 1 year. After receiving feedback on things that would be necessary before launching, we launched to the public as an Alpha in November 2006. We decided to launch it as Alpha because we started seeing other networking sites coming up with the same ideas as us, and because we believed our product was something new and different which people would appreciate.

We went Beta in August 2007 after completing units and adding ValidateID™ as a security measure. We chose to stay as a Beta as we still believe a lot of work has to be done on YUNiTi.

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