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♥Dudes Luv Me,Simply Bc Im BoOtSy[↓]
Female, 26 years old
Last Login:8/21/2007
Member Since:November 29th, 2006
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Tha 1 and only.....BoOtSy BaBy!!!

E M P E R O U S E M P E R O U S B O O T S Y E M P I R E E M P E R O U S B O O T S Y E M P E R O U S B O O T S Y E M P I R E Click here to make Falling Objects E M P E R O U S B O O T S Y E M P E R O U S B O O T S Y E M P I R E E M P E R O U S B O O T S Y E M P E R O U S B O O T S Y E M P I R E E M P E R O U S B O O T S Y E M P E R O U S B O O T S Y E M P I R E

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Yeah its Me!!!!
Wats good MySpace?? Its New and Improved Lil Bootsy reppin the West and south side of louisville...Errbody already kno its bout tyme for a upgrade....Ya feel me??..So Ima hit u wit it right now... Yaw kno how we do it down in da ville. So If you Hatin, Sneak Dissin, Jumpin off at the mouth....Get the hell off muh page...Cuz i aint wit games and shyt...ya dig!!!

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Im Standin about 5'2, 125 lbs., Mixed wit BlAcK & WhItE, hazel eyes (They Change colors)...I got long hair wit Blonde streaks(as u can tell from the pics)...I did attend Atherton High but i transferred after the 1st semester waz up and switched to Shawnee High....

********I'm Not conceited But i do Got a Reason!!********

**SmOkE ME...
I'm DoPe**

My status For them BOYS out there I am SINGLE at the moment....So if u want 2 u can go head and hit me up with a Message or a comment. Please don`t send me no half azz Messages cause u will not get a Message in return! So if you got somethin betta to say then "Holla Back" or "Hit me up when u get this"....do ya thang!!

How I likes um`:
-Light skinned, Brown Skinned
-Tru at all tymes
-Stays fitted
-Braids (keep em done)
-Waves (keep em fresh)
-Fade (Keep it cut)
-Im not too picky, but if u kno u ugly... Dont holla!!
-Faithful & Honest
-Loyal and Trustorthy
-Got a lyfe ahead of him
-Not about jus sex.
-Knoes what he wants out of life

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I den been in so many past relationships...where niggas had been fake...scandolus...liers...cheaters...and off sum otha shyt...And i aint got TYME for it no more..So if u think u ready for me and If U think that u meet muh standards, Then get at me....U know how we do.... keepin` it all the way gangsta. My word is bond.

4Get the Past
Live the Present
Dream the Future
But remember 2morrow is never Promised!
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